Thursday, April 26, 2012

(Wishful) Excellence in the Garden

My very first homegrown tomato!

This is a really big deal. I have the darkest black thumb you can fathom. And coming from my grow-and-make-everything-yourself family, that's a bit of an embarrassment.

You can imagine my surprise as I went out to the garden to water and found this little guy waiting for me on the ground. And the birds didn't even get to it before me.

He's a Supersweet 100 variety. I haven't eaten him yet. He's sitting on my counter top as my trophy.

Here's a few others that look to be showing potential of developing into something.

This guy's an Amelia. All the other blooms have fallen off this plant. Looks like everything it has is going into this one fruit. He may be a one fruit wonder.

Here are my Celebrities. I'd say potential for excellence, no?

And in other parts of the baby blueberries! No blooms yet.

And this guy just popped up from where I dumped my compost bucket. Considering the little I know about angiosperms, and the types of foods I prepare for dinner, I'd call him something of a squash or a melon. It'll be a nice little surprise for the family!

I truly have only wishful excellence in the garden. It's my very first one, so it's a learning year. Maybe year-by-year my black thumb will eventually fade to green.

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